The Wild Online Learning club is a complete tuition programme for primary aged children. Our ethos is simple, brilliant teachers offering engaging programmes tailor made for your child’s needs at an affordable price. 

Our maths and English tuition package is just £5 per week per child and is suitable for children in years 1-6. 


Our Maths and English Tuition programme includes: 


  • A free Maths and English assessment which identifies gaps in your child's learning. 

  • One hour per week  of Maths and one hour of English 

  • Complete coverage of your Childs gaps or challenge depending on their needs.

  • Our sessions are fun, engaging and a little bit different! Our children look forward to sessions! 

  • We think outside the box! We cater for all types of learners - not all children learn in the same way and not all progress is measureable! 

  • Our classes are levelled in accordance with National curriculum expectations – parents can choose whether their child joins their year group or one which matches their assessment needs - this gives children the chance to access learning from different year groups. 


How it works

  1. Activate your subscription - £5 per month

  2. Complete assessment

  3. Child is given access to 2 x learning clubs through our website (one maths and one English)

  4. You are all set! Logon anytime and complete your lessons as they are released (one hour of maths and one hour of English released each week)

Once your child has completed their assessment they will be put in one of the following literacy groups: 



as well as one of the following maths groups: 




Further info about the clubs can be found here.

  • Your child's content is released every weekday with new content made available each week weeks content is available for two weeks. 

  • Your child can complete their sessions at any time of the day -the sessions are designed for your child to be able to participate in independently but as a parent you have the option to sit with them and learn together! 

  • This also fits in if you are home schooling, schooling or flexischooling. Wild online learning clubs are great as after school tuition or during the day plus our clubs run through the holidays! 

  • The Wild Online Learning Club is paid for at the start of each month by subscription. As long as payment is made before the 1st of each month you will continue to have access to content. 

Want a little more than two hours per week? Why not try our: 


Our Home School Package: 

Looking for something more intensive? We also offer a home school package which covers 1 hour per day of either maths or English. This is currently 50% off until 1st September at only £30/Month.


Why choose us? 

  • Teachers use your child's assessment to plan and deliver sessions to meet their needs and the needs of other children in their group. 

  • As our sessions are planned accordingly to your child's starting points, our teachers are able to introduce new concepts and because all of our content is planned and recorded in advance you can sit with your child and pause anything they don’t understand – enabling you to learn strategies together that parents might otherwise struggle to teach their child. 

  • Our programme is designed to enable children to learn independently as well as empowering parents to know they can learn concepts together which they struggle to explain to their own child. 

  • Our programme is low cost! We recognise that 1-1 tuition is not always affordable - our programme gives families the option of tailor made support online tuition without expensive subscription fees. We have worked closely hard to develop a programme that offers the best value for money. 

Sessions are recorded and released each week and are available to watch through your subscription using your individual login. Every week the learning moves on and new sessions become available. 

Children can share their work on their groups success pages and parents can message teachers through their login member pages.  

We undertake a termly assessment with your child to make sure they are maintaining progress and your child will receive a termly progress report. 

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