My child isn't making progress at school, I don't know how to help them

My child won't learn with me! It is making us stressed!

Our Journey

After seven years of providing (face to face and online) one to one and group tuition we had one mission! To develop an inclusive programme for all primary aged children. We were hearing more and more from parents who were struggling with their child's learning! They were all saying the same things!


We used our experience to develop a programme which truly meets the needs of a range of children! Empowering parents to support their child by providing them with options to sit with children to learn new concepts or take a step back and let them have a go. 



Our Ethos


We love supporting families and your right to choose how to educate, we recognise that whilst schools are amazing places, school isn't the best place for all children to learn and that educators are under pressure to cater to a wider range of learning needs and styles. As teachers ourselves we recognise the amazing work that other teachers and headteachers do on a daily basis not only through planning and delivering differentiated lessons but also in the wide variety of other pressures they face in schools today. 

Teachers know that not all progress can be measured. They know that some children may make leaps in their learning and there often isn't anywhere to record and celebrate this progress. Teachers understand that the curriculum doesn't work for every child but don't always have the time to cater for their specific needs in the way that is required. We have a culture of moving children on to the next year group, sometimes before they are ready, with so much to fit in to the school day teachers don't always have time to go over old ground (even though most children will have gaps from previous year groups). Similarly when a child is particularly gifted in an area of the curriculum teachers do not always have the time in the timetable to dedicate to stretching them.

Our programmes provide children with a space to go to which is positive and inclusive, where they can work at their own pace - because we regularly assess the children - teachers are able to plan specifically for the needs of the children in their group. If the children aren't making progress we know this is down to the teaching not meeting the needs of the child and we adapt accordingly. 

Whether you choose our maths and English package - which is one hour of maths and English per week. Or our home school package - five hours a week of maths/English , our learning is fun and flexible and enables parents to feel empowered, giving you the option to to let your child work independently or to sit down together with your child and learn new skills and strategies together. 

Our classes are designed to be pitched to allow children to partake in them independently but because they are prerecorded parents have the option to sit down with their child and learn new concepts together - each week we have different topics and we work through giving children explanation time, time to explore different strategies and consolidation of new skills. 

Most important is the attitude to learning that children develop - children in the UK start school at a very young age compared to other countries around the world - we often speak to parents who are worried about their child's progress (in reading for example) when in another country they wouldn't have begun their reading journey yet. 

We feel privileged to work with children at their own pace and to ignite their love of learning in a positive, relaxed and fun way. 

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